10 Reasons you should visit Lexington this holiday

We all do it.. we go into the holidays picturing a Hallmark movie scene but the reality is usually much different. Traffic jams, full parking lots, crowded malls, long lines and unfriendly strangers take away from the magic of what the holiday season is about. Even if we manage to avoid all of the chaos, it means we do so by shopping online from home or work; and that shouldn’t be the ultimatum.

Luckily, there is Lexington, VA – a place seemingly untouched by time, especially during the holidays. It’s a town where the norm is for strangers to say hello as they pass each other, where you aren’t rushed, where merchants are friendly and best of all, where the holiday decorating is done in a way that Norman Rockwell would approve of.

Plan your visit: Sample Itineraries.   Downtown Happenings  Calendar .

Here are 10 reasons you should visit Lexington this holiday season:

1. The Decor

The wreaths, the lampposts, the lights, the big tree, the garland and the windows – they’re all here. Lexington loves to decorate for the holidays and it’s something you just have to see. You’ll feel like you’re in a different place altogether as you walk around town. And don’t miss the Christmas tree in Hopkins Green.

2. Local everything

Shopping local isn’t just more fun, it’s more gratifying. It helps to keep locals employed, roads paved and schools staffed. That doesn’t happen with online shopping, not to mention the additional waste the packaging creates and the added shipping you’re paying.  Lexington’s many shops carry unique gifts you can’t find anywhere else. The kind you see that remind you so specifically of one person that they’ll remember forever who got it for them and where.

3. Historic Holidays

All year ‘round, people come to Lexington to take in the history, and the holiday season is no exception. Holiday at the Jackson’s house is just one fun example where folks can learn not just about how Stonewall Jackson’s family lived, but how they celebrated the holidays!  This Footprints of History link is a great way to learn about multiple options.

4. Places to stay

If you’re going to do it right, you’re going to be here for more than one day, and Lexington doesn’t disappoint in accommodations either. With 14+ B&Bs and 16+ hotels in the area, some of which are right on Main Street itself, you just can’t go wrong.    All Lodging in the area and  Lodging in Downtown Lexington

street scene 4 (1 of 1)

5. A Foodie’s Heaven

After all of that shopping, what’s better than a great meal? Lexington’s food scene isn’t the expected for a small town. With over 42 places to eat in the area, you’ll have plenty of choices in price range and cuisine. Check out this link of endless options: Foodie Heaven

6. New Year’s Eve

Who wants to be cramped indoors for another NYE – Lexington does it right with it’s own ball drop over Main Street.  It’s a pretty big deal.

snow pumpkinseeds

7. Handmade Haven

Local fine art and crafts make the best gifts.

8. Crafts and Cocktails

Between the  growler grab days, trivia nights, live music and even a barcade, Lexington is a great place to try something new. Places like Taps beneath the Georges Inn with their creative cocktails, cozy furniture and fireplace are a must.   Restaurants & Cafes

9. The Performing Arts

If the performing arts are part of your wheelhouse, you’ll have plenty to pick from! Lexington provides quite a lineup of holiday shows like holiday pops concert at W&L, Scrooge the musical at nearby Southern Virginia University in Buena Vista.    Holiday

10. Santa?? They know him!

This evening is something you do not want to miss. Lexington takes it over the top on December 7th with a Christmas parade that of course ends with an appearance by the big guy himself. After the parade, kids of all ages can even meet and take a picture with Mr. & Mrs. Claus. 

Click for more information on Holiday Happenings.

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