Lily lives here in Lexington and has volunteered to share her insights. Lily and her captive human often wander around downtown.

If your human forgot your essentials, tell them about Lexington Pet Place. Need a trim? They also have grooming onsite Tues through Thurs.

Need some time to relax and let your human wander around the shops & restaurants? Luxuriate at Lexington Pet Place in their climate-controlled doggie day care Friday through Monday.

Food & Drink: Sweet Treats on Washington has a water bowl outside and you are allowed in the restaurant with your human. (they sell dog treats too!)

Three other downtown restaurants have outdoor (not covered) areas for your dining pleasure: Blue Sky Bakery, Salerno. and Tonic.

Your human can also grab a sandwich and sit outside with you at one of the small downtown parks (shown on map below).

Time for a walk! Walking trails are nearby, click here.

Unfortunately no lodging in downtown Lexington allows pets. But check this listing of area lodging that allows dogs.

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