Downtown Lexington Virginia Guide

Walk, Shop & Enjoy Historic Lexington Virginia

Enjoy a Day of Shopping & Wandering in Downtown Lexington Virginia

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A Special Shout Out to Bike Virginia. 

We have a special page for you.

Click HERE for info on where to park your bike, eat & more.

Enjoy our wonderful historic town, June 23-25

Jump start your day – check these out

Art & Antiques       Boutiques & Clothing   

Foodie Heaven    Nearby Trails   Specialty Shops

History Buff?   Did you know Patsy Cline once lived here?

A favorite of wanderers is our Footprints of HistoryYou’ll find walking tours both guided and self-guided that highlight local historical characters and interesting historical places.  Museums included.

Hungry?  Check out our downtown  restaurants. Wandering requires nourishment.

Want to stay in town?  Lodging

Let us be your guide – in fact we are the only guide – specifically for Downtown Lexington

Interested in my favorite driving route to see the nearby countryside?

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