Chessie Trail

The Chessie Trail lies along the right of way formerly occupied by the C& O rail tracks that connected Lexington with the main line near Buena Vista. The trail is a very flat 7 miles. Bikes are allowed on the trail.

The Chessie Trail parking area is signed and is about a 5 minute drive from downtown. From town, go north on Main Street (rte 11 business).  In a mile, it  connects  with Rte 11 north crossing the Maury River.   Take the first right after the bridge onto Old Buena Vista Rd.   Within a mile you pass old small industrial bldgs. 


Park on the right  behind the building with the large PURE sign; do NOT park behind the neighboring building. There are also a few spaces shortly past the Pure building on the right, respect the do not park signs.

The pedestrian bridge over the South River (about 5 miles from the trail head shown here) was washed out; you’ll need to walk along the road to continue to the terminus in Buena Vista.     Background info on Chessie Trail

Download a detailed  Chessie Trail Map

Cattle roam part of the trail about 4 miles from the trail head near Lexington