Welcome to Lexington – VMI Guests

Downtown Lexington Extends A Special Welcome

We invite you to take some time, explore our charming town.   Discover our  coffee shops, restaurants, and bars.

Online Res Great Valley-25Downtown Lexington has more than 20 places to eat or imbibe your beverage of choice. Restaurants, bars & cafes. All within walking distance of VMI.

Before you leave, stop by for that special gift or memento.   See the main menu above to discover the vast array of our amazing unique shops.med small webmore (59 of 72)

In-Town Lodging:  The advantage of in-town lodging is the opportunity to walk to VMI  (in-town lodging info).

Parking:    Map of Parking Lot Locations  downtown. 

There are no parking fees.  However most on-street parking and the other lots have time limits that are enforced. 

Private Meeting spaces:   Collaboration sometimes requires a private meeting space.   Many restaurants and hotels (links above) have such spaces available.   Also “Start Here” a nearby local business incubator has a small conference room and support facilities.

For information on other area attractions consult http://www.lexingtonvirginia.com or stop by the visitors center on Washington Street near Randolph Street in Downtown Lexington.

We hope you are enjoying your visit here and will come again.

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